InoAuto Smart Cart


Inovaxe was founded in 2003 and supplies advanced lean Innovative Material Handling Solutions to the electronics manufacturing industry.

InoAuto Smart cart stores reels and electronic components and lights up to identify the parts required. You can either have the cart light up all of the parts required for your kit, or it can light up one at a time to walk you through your pick list.  It even blinks and stops you from proceeding with your pull, if you accidently pull the wrong part.  The InoAuto cart can be quickly located right next to your feeders or your SMT line to load directly from stock to WIP or the SMT line.  Your parts for the kits are identified in seconds versus hours and the InoAuto cart can pay for itself within three to six months.  The InoAuto software simply allows you to add, remove, or transfer parts.  You can also import a pick list.


  • Lights up to identify the parts required for the kit
  • No more scanning the location
  • Mobile, on wheels
  • Electronic or manual lock
  • Operates on battery for hours
  • Accessible from both sides
  • Retrieve and Return parts in less than four seconds
  • Reduces kitting time from hours to seconds
  • Easily links to any MRP software
  • WiFi & Internet ready
  • Available in 7, 10, and 13 inch reels, widths of 8, 12, 16 and 24 mm
  • ESD compliant


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