PDR IR – Rework



PDR rework systems, using PDR’s patented Focused IR technology, have been specifically designed to cope with the challenges of repairing today’s PCB assemblies.

Systems are tool free, gas free, instantly/precisely controllable, clean, modular, upgradeable and produces 100% yield BGA rework without any complications. They provide extremely high levels of profiling and process control necessary for the effective rework of even the most advanced packages, including SMDs, BGAs, CSPs, QFNs, Flipchips and is ready for 0201 and lead-free applications.


IR enables you to precisely target the component to be heated, so adjacent components are not affected.

The passive nature of infra-red heat also significantly reduces the risk of damaging the component or the PCB as compared to hot gas systems. IR uses a lens and iris that can be adjusted to any shape or size component, simplifying the soldering/desoldering process for the operator. It also creates a red ‘comfort’ light that defines the area being reworked.


PDR systems are a future-proof investment and they are easily configured to meet any requirements.


  • Focused IR Component Heating
  • Low Cost of Ownership
  • Excellent Control Software
  • No Nozzles, Focus Hoods or Shields
  • Modular and Upgradeable Systems
  • Easy to Set-Up and Safe to Use




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