Panasonic provides extremely dependable electronics assembly equipment in the areas of SMT (surface mount technology), PTH (pin through-hole), and processes involving microelectronics back-end packaging of any-mix circuit manufacturing.

Panasonic offers first-class component placement and inspection equipments, up to axial and radial insertion, die bonding, die attach and flip chip.

Equipment which are used all around the world to enable the production of the most modern technology.

Panasonic variable machines in modular format support a large range of technologies and, from the installation of just one machine through to assemblies of over 1,000, can take care of processes such as, COB (chip on board), SOP (system on package), epoxy die attach, POP (package on package), 3D packaging, TS (thermo-sonic) and TC (thermo-compression) processing, plasma RIE surface cleaning, plasma ICP etching, and thin wafer plasma dicing.

To perform odd-form placement and end-of-line work, we also offer automated equipment.

Manufacturers require easily adaptable, modular and efficient solutions in order to remain competitive in industry today. For this reason, Panasonic’s complete solutions go far further than just our equipment. Our multidisciplinary approach of uniting our software, engineering and after-sales support lets us offer your company a whole range of services starting at spare parts, training, technical support and service through to MES software, engineering services, custom systems, calibration and certification as well as complete corporate consulting.

Pre and after sales support  and service is available directly through the local distributor Tecnolab Srl and Simplex Technology, the related Service Company.

If necessary, it is possible to look into specific topics directly with Panaonic headquarters in Munich.


  • AM100 – Single-head, high-mix placement. Reels at 35,800 cph. 160 8mm.
  • CM602 -High-speed, modular and reconfigurable placement. 100,000 cph. 216 8mm reels.
  • NPM-D3– Dual lane placement, dispensing, printing, and inspecting. 70,000 cph. 120 8mm reels.
  • NPM-W2– From XL to small tandem board placement. 70,000 cph. 120 8mm reels.
  • NPM-TT – Twin-tray and PoP placement. 36,000 cph. 86 (52) 8mm reels. 20 (40) trays



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