Tecnolab storage cabinet


Tecnolab cabinets are designed to solve problems of stencils and mounted frames storage.

The structure is unique and can be adapted for the storage of stencils or mounted frames only changing shelves or adding stencils bar. They are equipped with 4 wheels making easy to move it within production department.

The back side is closed by a panel that can be removed, in case you want to have a double access. On request you can have the door.

The Tecnolab cabinet can house the following sizes:

  • ALL STENCILS SIZES (thanks to our special packaging with hanger)
  • VECTOR GUARD 23”x 23”
  • VECTOR GUARD 23”x 29”
  • VECTOR GUARD 29”x 29”
  • 23”x 23” FRAMES – 584 x 584 mm
  • 29”x 29” FRAMES – 736 X 736 mm



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